Monday, March 26, 2012


In section ONWARD TO THE PASTchapter from the book of Helium Kleymenov Nibiriada is published. A part 4 Building of millennia. In this fragment the author shows impossibility of the Great pyramid erection by ancient Egyptians.
Hopeless attempts continue somehow to explain the fact of existence of Giza pyramids complex without involving extraterrestrial reason, and being based only on human race possibilities, but the more attempts of substantiation of such point of view are the more noticeable principle impossibility of similar building by forces of people, never mind slaves of Pharaohs or mythical atlantes The Greek historian Gerodot informed that this pyramid of Cheops was under construction for 20 years, and in its building 100.000 persons who were replaced each three months were busy. The huge weight of the material complex used in building, including exclusively difficult for processing, a granite and diorite completely deprives of the bases the version of erection of the Great pyramid with the help «instruments of labor of bronze age plus uncountable quantity of slaves». The highest quality of building, work traces of unknown at present stage techniques, allow concluding high-accuracy parameters of pyramid without any stretches that in this case we deal with a heritage of other, advanced civilization unknown to us. We should recognize one or other: or people of a bronze age build them but the building lasted millennium or if we continue to insist on the dates accepted by science we should agree that they are constructed by civilization with the level of development, surpassing modern one.

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