Monday, March 26, 2012

Files for Google Earth

Now in the "FILES" you can view and download files with the extension (. Kmz) for the Google Earth. The files contain many interesting and useful information about the pyramids, megaliths, ancient cities and many other historical objects. Now you can travel to the ancient world, learning about it many new and unusual. You can choose to explore the the laws in the arrangement of ancient sites and try to unravel the mystery of Nazca. Best of luck.  

Examples: HISTORICAL OBJECTS;    VIEW   DOWNLOAD This file contains the locations of historic sites and structures on the Earth, as well as information about them. NAZCA AND PALPA GEOGLYPHS;   VIEW    DOWNLOAD The file shows the location of most of the geoglyphs in the central Nazca. Wait for the file (1.2 Mb). 

CHINESE PYRAMIDS;    VIEW   DOWNLOAD The file shows the location of the pyramids in China.

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