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In the previous article were considered right triangles that form a key point in the «Western hemisphere. These triangles, and let's call them the «Western», work on the Americas (Teotihuacan, Tiwanaku), part of the Pacific ocean (Easter is.) and through the Stonehenge of the North Atlantic.

In this part we'll look at a number of interesting triangles, which are formed around a Central reference mark of the Earth - the Great pyramid (GP) on the Giza plateau. These triangles call - Triangles of Giza.

Western triangles or Triangles of Giza are two separate but interrelated systems that due to common points, form a single, closed system of right triangles covering the entire globe.

Using a total of 9 basis points, managed to build a unified System in which there are no adjustments and affectation. Everyone can build System yourself by downloading the file HISTORICAL OBJECTS. In fact, the most ambitious constructions of the ancient times simply connected between the lines in order, and additional points and the antipodes, identifying patterns of system, make it visible and logical.

It is obvious that such a mutual arrangement of the most famous and significant ancient structures can not be random and can only mean one thing - the PYRAMIDS AND OTHER MONUMENTAL facilities WERE BUILT ON the GLOBAL PROJECT IN STRICTLY CERTAIN PLACES. This brilliant project started thousands of years ago, with built the Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza, most likely never stayed and, it seems, continues to this day. All the centres, both ancient and modern civilizations, their capital, are located next to the basic objects, on the lines connecting them or in other key points of the system. Recent examples of 300 years ago - the St. Petersburg and Washington. In the first case, according to legend, Tsar Peter saw the location of the new capital in the maze on Solovki, in the second George Washington, guided by its own reasons, also personally chose the place for the construction of its capital Washington - modern Atlantis.

System owned and other famous ancient buildings, such as the Temple of Solomon, Baalbek, Rome, Mecca, Delhi, Angkor, Nazca, Newgrange, Lalibela and many, many other objects. We can say that our entire civilization evolved and continues to evolve according to a strictly defined plan, initiated a millenniums ago, unknown who, and  unknows what purpose.

All of the above regularities, as well as other interesting issues related to the location of the historical objects, you can see the three-dimensional interactive map, to see which need to download and install Google Earth plugin.


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