Monday, April 15, 2013




PART 1. SYSTEM OF Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku TRIANGLES 

In an article on the golden ratio , which forms Baalbek with Teotihuacan and Tiwanaku formed an equilateral triangle Teotihuacan - Tiwanaku - antipode of Uluru. This triangle is one of the heights is a line of Baalbek - Uluru (image left). Since the triangle is equilateral it has two heights, which intersect at the center. Oneof the lines, which is directly connected with the golden ratio is a line of Teotihuacan - Stonehenge. Now if we continue one of the heights of an equilateral triangle to the intersection with this line, we see that this point is equidistant from Teotihuacan and antipode Uluru. And, interestingly, it was precisely at this point is the town of Washington - a modern Atlantis. Read more...

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